Two times Us

The north east and south east region receives with enthusiasm the puppet.

Through the funding of the Financial Mechanism SEE and the Program Operator FRDS new events started in Iași, Piatra Neamț, Bacău, Tulcea, Galați and Brăila doing the campaign of informing and raising awareness  that aims  boosting the performance of the social services providers both from the public in the private sector by including the puppets theater method in the social services.

At these events we’re presents 43 private social services providers and 68 public social services providers.  The non-formal methods of socializing through puppets theatre  comes on the same line and in support of the objectives of the CORAI Program,  openings thus new areas of access to the development of life abilities amongst children at risk,  improving participation at school,  raising access and Participation to education.

Therefore by using this innovative method of the puppet it is created the bridge between the adult and the child. Both sides meet in the middle on a common ground without being under the spot or threatened.  What could be more harmless then playing with a puppet ? In order for this to be beneficial the adult has the responsibility of establishing rules and controlling the activity.

The Guide has been presented and offered through the project Two times Us, also video material was presented showing the impact of using puppets amongst the beneficiaries and also for those involved.  The participants had to opportunity to see an example over the Puppets the after skit presented Live for them,  they received instructions on how to use a puppet and they have applied all that they have learned by putting it in practice.