Two times Us

Reducing the social inequalities in the Danube Delta with the help of the COHERENT Call of the Program RO10 funded from the Financial Mechanism of SEE 2009-2014

Doing to project Two times Us the helping hands association expands its services  by assisting an NGO  from the Danube Delta, in Dunavatu de Jos,  into procedures of implementing over new social service of the  Asociația Raza Soarelui – Sun Light.

The theme of the helping hands Charity side-by-side with the team from the Dunavatul de Jos,  weekly works with a number of ten socially disadvantaged children,  providing for them after the school classes,  at the Centre Raza Soarelui – Sun Light,  a number of activities including: receiving the hot meal,  assistance in homework,  School and family counseling,  recreation and socializing through The methods of the puppet theater,  Sports activities,  Music,  art by painting,  sketching and poetry.