Two times Us

From 50 to 70

During the Two times Us Program PEH005/H/SEE/21.04.2015, funded through the COHERENT Call of the Program RO10 and the Financial Mechanism SEE 2009-2014, started in 2015,  the implementing team had the opportunity to work with children  coming from the Cities of Tulcea, Isaccea and Dunavățul de Jos.

Each week the specialists of the team Two times Us are welcomed buy enthusiastic voices,  honest smiles and warm hugs coming from children beneficiaries of death Center

The 10 beneficiaries received assistance and nourishment, a hot meal and support with the homework assessments. BUT the key element and the most important resource  is the love that comes from the passion  after surrounding adults.  These ones come closer to the children with the intention of encouraging, raising the self-esteem, bringing a glimpse of joy in the souls of the little ones. All the activities –  puppet theater, games, crafts, counseling,  experiments –  focused on laying the foundation of future desirable characters,  to carve out the stones and bring to surface the diamonds,  to offer alternatives,  to set examples that could be followed in future.

The creativity, attention, focus, memory and emotional intelligence are always present in the personality of child and all these have been highlighted by appropriate methods. The main method used was off the puppets theater for older 50 children at risk doing 24 workshops for puppets theatre, until the April 2016. As a PLUS,  to these beneficiaries have been added  20 more children,  of Roma ethnics,  from the Professional School „Danubius” and therefore the number of the beneficiaries of the activities increased from 50 to 70.

The subjects doing to workshops were covering the theme:  “I and the ones surrounding me”