Two times Us

The workshops continue

Within the project Two times us PEH005, 02/H/SEE/21.04.2015, funded with COHERENT of PROGRAM RO10, through the EEA 2009-2014 Financial Mechanism, the workshops continue for the 25 roma children at the Multifunctional Centre “Near to you”.

The beneficiary children learn new ways of socializing as they communicate through the puppets and develop their own personality and receive more confidence about their own identity. The verses of the National Roma Anthem open new gates that used to be locked up in the past, reveal mysteries from behind the stage curtains, awaken puppets to life and build bridges towards the future.

„Gelem, gelem, lungone dromentza/ Maladilem bahtale romentza/ A, romale, kotar tumen aven/ E tzahrentza, bokhale ciaventza?…” (we travel, we travel long journeys, and we meet happy gypsies too, but you, gypsies, where do you come from with your tents and with your hungry children ?)