Two times Us

A „PLUS” that we celebrate

Upon developing and implementing the Two times Us (romanian – Doi la puterea Noi) Program,  The Helping Hands Charity – ( Asociatia Mâini Întinse) partnering with the Social Protection and Assistance Headquarters in Tulcea, by the support provided through the Coherent Call of the Program RO10, funded through the Financial Mechanism of EEA Grants 2009-2014 and also due to the opportunity of extending the program into the PLUS option of the Two times Us – that gives a continuation until October 2016, we have obtained the following outcomes: 

  • A Study of Impact regarding the socialising activities provided by the Helping Hands Charity and the way in which these services have been perceived by the beneficiaries and community in general
  • 74 representatives of the local and county authorities, 58 representatives of the entities from the private sector and the civil society have a acquired new and specific knowledge regarding the equality of chances, discrimination, intercultural understanding and respect for diversity through:

4 events during the Campaign of informing and raising awareness in the south east and north east Regions of Romania

-Piatra Neamț – November 2015
-Tulcea – January 2016
-Brăila – February 2016
-Buzău – April 2016

4 Regional events

-Iași – November 2015
-Bacău – February 2016
-Galați – February 2016
-Constanța – June 2016

  • An electronic guide of a non-formal method –puppet theatre – the Two times Us Guide – In the activities of socializing for children at from the South East and North East Region  through their representatives that attended the events.
  • Developing a Network of support towards promoting The programs of social inclusion biking nobody methods of socializing and spending the spare time and towards granting support to children at risk from the Danube Delta – July 2015
  • Developing of a Network of cooperation, exchange of experience and good practices with the aim of fighting the discrimination practices, social and  economic exclusion  of the disadvantaged groups,  actions that are to be mutually implemented by representatives  of the public sector together with actors from the  civil society and the private sector applying knowledge and specific abilities  in implementing the method of the puppet theatre  in the south east and north east region of Romania –  august 2016
  • Implementing a Model of social inclusion in an NGO from Danube Delta, social services of Day Centre Type, for 10 children at risk from Dunavățu de Jos, Tulcea County, at the ”Raza Soarelui – SunLight” Day Centre.
  • 2 intercultural summer camps have been organised for
  • 22 beneficiaries children from Dunăvățu de Jos and Tulcea in July 2016
  • 20 beneficiaries children from Isaccea in august 2016 at Casa Valentin Cataloi, Com. Frecăței, County of Tulcea.
  • Developing knowledge and specific abilities in the method of the puppets social theatre  during training participative workshops for the specialist in the social services by taking part to the training courses

Constanța – June 2016 –  attended 28 specialists.

Iași September 2016 for the specialists of DGASPC Iași (General Headquarters of Social Protection and Assistance) and Penitentiary in  Iași

  • Social Puppets theatre Sessions have been organized with children at risk from the Danube Delta in order to improve the social abilities for 70 children at risk,  of which 25 are from the rroma community of Tulcea,  as part of 48 non-formal workshops using the puppets theatre Method.
  • The Program I and the ones around me was designed  to become an educational program for a guiding step-by-step the 70 children at risk in an easy but efficient manner  so that the purpose,  the objectives,  methods and working  techniques,  the activities and the expected results to be applied at the level of each group of beneficiaries,  both Roma and of other ethnics.

I and the ones around me aims to improve the degree of social inclusion and a quality of life of the Roma by providing secure access to the innovative activities TTo Give meof exercising Life and social abilities, of the fighting marginalization,  of involving the community and insuring the sustainability of the interventions of social inclusion by using the puppets theater Method.  The program and support materials for the training workshops in using the method of the puppets theatre have been produced, for the target group.

Alto the 48 workshops, 41 have already been presented, out of which the first 24 Address a number of 50 beneficiaries –  that included five Roma beneficiaries, and of the following 17 address to a number of 70 beneficiaries  that include 25 Roma.

The PLUS Two times Us project continues to increase its impact also through the dissemination of the results of the project towards the community, County, Region and at national level,  both for the actors of the social services area and for the beneficiaries and the representatives of them.