Two times Us

Impact Study regarding the socializing activities

During the Two times Us project, between April and July 2015 we proceeded to the activity 2.1.1 Impact Study regarding the socializing activities provided by The Helping Hands Charity.

The Study aimed to gradually help consolidate the capacity of our organization as social services provider for the socializing activity within the last 3 years. By putting up this Study the socializing activity was disseminated and valued especially through the method of the puppets’ theatre, through the opportunities of promoting the children at risk, promoting the methods of work and the specific needs of this vulnerable group. The impact Study included an analysis of all activities of socializing performed and led inside the Helping Hands Charity.

The documenting of the Study was based on the files of the beneficiaries of the accredited social services: intervention plans, evaluation reports, customized intervention plans, services plans, activity reports, counselling files, other documents drawn during various activities of social inclusion at the Multifunctional Social Assistance Centre. The study contributes to accomplishing the objectives, developing the human resources used in social services and to enhance the competition by providing the concordance between the needs of the child at risk and generating new opportunities of socializing and promotion both their image in order to be successfully integrated into the local communities.